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I'm sarah and I love zelda
(~. o .)~

I like to doodle and cosplay~

Other things I enjoy: Anime, Videogames, Game of Thrones, and Adventure Time,

more in my about me section.~ c:
alone and bored on a Saturday :p
My bubblegum dress came in today!! πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ€
Nightingale qts
Here’s me (on the left) and my lovely friend Nightingale costumes we made for ACEN! We were there on Friday and Saturday. I had a lot of fun.~

If you took a picture of or with us, please please let me know!! I’d love to see them!~
I’m just real happy with my eye makeup 2nite
mmm wanted those wings so sharp they could kill a man
It’s too cold out
cozy friday.~ 😌

I didn’t realize the amount of pink I had on this morning with my coat on

I take it off and bam

hello I am princess bubblegum today